ACM Global Laboratories

Creating Brand Awareness on a Global Scale

After increasing its footprint through global partnerships and acquisitions, ACM Global Laboratories looked to John Kelly Foster to develop a new verbal and visual brand platform that would encompass both its global capabilities and personalized customer service and scientific expertise.

Local Knowledge, Global Expertise

John Kelly Foster began by leading ACM’s key management through a series of interactive exercises designed to identify the current brand status, the company’s strengths and weaknesses, most important touch points in the sales process, and profile of the prospects’ decision makers. JKF then provided ACM with a comprehensive brand platform that became the company’s roadmap for all marketing activities. The “Local Knowledge/Global Expertise” campaign became the face of the company, which was supported with detailed quarterly marketing and public relations plans

Playing The Numbers

After a successfully establishing ACM as global player, an initiative was put forth by management to begin proving that the company could compete on business volume as well. In response, John Kelly Foster began looking at the company in terms of actionable data points – resulting in the development of the “Numbers” campaign. To emphasize the shift in messaging – bright colors, bold type and retro style illustrations were used, marking a clear departure from the previous visual brand.

Promoting Thought Leadership

In order to leverage ACM’s expertise in clinical trials testing, John Kelly Foster continually assistsed the company in promoting itself through an array of traditional and non-traditional marketing mediums.

A Light Went On

John Kelly Foster coined the term “Smarter Testing” as a way to feature ACM’s specialized leaders and teams and highlight their role in optimizing clinical trial outcomes. We continued to define the term through advertising, electronic books, technical papers, contributed articles, and blog posts.

“We’ve been able to increase our brand image and awareness in a short period of time with John Kelly Foster. They’ve helped us look at our business from a unique angle, which has served as the platform to differentiate our services in a fairly undifferentiated industry.”


Cynthia Smith

Formerly Head of Marketing, ACM Global Central Laboratory