Eclipsing the Competition Through Niche Product Marketing

Nanogen, a developer of in vitro diagnostic products, was offering a technically superior product in the marketplace, but having difficulty differentiating itself from the competition. Product sales were under performing in a crowded market whose buyers were adverse to change. Nanogen partnered with John Kelly Foster to help raise awareness of their MGB Alert brand on a global level.

The MGB Approach

John Kelly Foster recommended that Nanogen pursue a “Product Leadership/Best Product” position. A strategy to carve out a specialty reputation was developed. The messaging centered around the “MGB technology” and the product’s progressive and flexible characteristics. Specific markets and strategic accounts were targeted and the “MGB Approach to Real-Time PCR” campaign was launched.

Starting the Ngen

With the success of the MGB Alert product launch, Nanogen once again tapped John Kelly Foster to help create a verbal and visual brand messaging platform for their newly developed NGEN ASR products line.

Advancing the Rapid Testing Product Line

Through both in-house development and product aquistion, Nanogen had cobbled together a varying set of point-of-care testing products. They then turned to John Kelly Foster to help develop a plan to turn it all into a Nanogen branded product catagory. John Kelly Foster recommended that the the company employ a Subbrand strategy by using Nanogen as the Co-driver for product components and technologies. John Kelly Foster then developed the name “Nanogen AdvanStat” – allowing for the leveraging of Nanogen’s advanced diagnostics technology reputation in order to establish new markets.

“After several attempts from a different firm, John Kelly Foster delivered concepts and strategies that were exactly what we were looking for the first time around. They have an incredible talent for ‘getting it’ right from the start.”


Robert Proulx

VP of Marketing & Sales, Nanogen