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Laying the Foundation for a Trusted Brand

Westcoat, a manufacturer of resurfacing products, was offering a technically superior product, but was relatively new to the marketplace. They were looking for a way to leverage the credibility and loyalty they had gained with their small customer base. Westcoat partnered with John Kelly Foster to help establish the company and their products as the go-to for the professional.

Building Credibility Through Testimonial

Using the profiles and testimonials of real customers, John Kelly Foster created the “Those Who Know...” campaign, highlighting not only the user’s specific experience with the product, but also the characteristics of the four product lines.

“We’ve been with John Kelly Foster since the very beginning. Their understanding of brand development strategy combined with their marketing vision have helped Westcoat stand-out in a crowded marketplace dominated by big players – and allowed us to build a regional brand in a relatively short amount of time”


Paul Koury

Principal Owner, Westcoat