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Promoting Process Through People

INC Research, a global contract research organization, looked to John Kelly Foster to breath life into a 4 step business processes they termed the “Trusted Process”. A review of the process revealed that it’s strength lay in the hands-on efforts of the employees who managed each step along the way. To better tell that story, John Kelly Foster developed the ``It's our people, it's our process`` marketing and advertising campaign using the profiles and imagery of real employees to emphasize the roll INC Research ``specialists`` played in the success of the company's Trusted Process.

Proving the Process

Once established, INC Research’s Trusted Process became a true differentiator in the marketplace. In fact, The Trusted Process was so successful that INC Research was able to quantify client results by individual steps in the process. This allowed John Kelly Foster to focus on each step individually by emphasizing true data - in a four part advertising and marketing program called “The Proof is in the Process”.

Delivering On Trust

After initially establishing The Trusted Process, and then detailing it’s individual capabilities and successes, it was time to show how it applied as a whole to individual verticals and project types in the INC Research client spectrum. John Kelly Foster approached this directive by re-emphasizing the experience of the company’s experts while boldly laying claim to the term TRUSTED.

The Win Plan

After a series of marketing successes, INC Research CEO Jim Ogle challenged the company’s marketing department and John Kelly Foster to come up with a “Win Plan” that would result in a actionable business leads. In response, John Kelly Foster created the “Right Call” campaign. A custom designed box carrying a pre-paid phone was delivered to the CEO’s of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Then Mr. Ogle systematically called all 20 CEOs personally. The box was supported by custom eblast campaign and micro websites dedicated to each potential client. The program resulted in 40 million dollars of new revenue for INC Research. Definitely a WIN!

“John Kelly Foster has proven their ability to breathe life into our brand based on the insight discovered during our brand assessment and strategy development. With the launch and momentum of our campaign, there’s no question we’ve made an impact in the market and with our employees.”


Trisha Vonder Reith

Senior Marketing Communications Consultant (formerly with INC Research, now Syneos Health)