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/ik spo’zher/ n.

Frequent Appearance Before The Public.

Setting a Specific Path

Our goal is to enhance the sales and profits of your company by providing targeted exposure directed at your potential customers.

It begins with an analysis of the competitive landscape. Strategies for reaching your specific objectives are identified. Tactics are developed and then applied to a timeline. The result is a step-by-step roadmap for achieving your marketing goals.

Stand Out… A Case in Point

Selter Chemical manufactures and sells additives to the food industry. A review of the industry publications revealed that most of Seltzer’s competitors’ ads looked remarkably the same. And none showed the end user of the products. In order to separate Seltzer from the crowd, we developed a set of consumer-style ads, but replaced the standard product name with the chemical additive Seltzer provided.

Inside and Out

The impact of good in store or outdoor signage is unmistakeable. After we'd designed and produced their van wrap, Volonet had people continually tell them how they ``see their vans all over town``. Thing was... they only had one van.

Make It An Event

Self-promotion is key to building an established brand. Turning the mundane into an event is an ideal
way to control that promotion. Whether it’s the launch of a company or product, a corporate rebrand, opening of new offices, or an annual sales meeting, take the opportunity to MAKE IT AN EVENT.

Putting Your Brand
On Display

Shaking your brand out onto the floor of a trade show or conference is a big part of what we do. From the design of a small pop-up to creating a giant island booth, we know how to best maximize your message for the masses.