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The Concept of a Person, Product, etc.
Held By The General Public.

Working With You to Build
Your Brand

Our unique method of brand development begins with an interactive workshop – where together we work to uncover much of what is already there. We identify your company’s attributes, fashion the words that capture it’s personality and boil it down to a single statement you will actually recognize and relate to. We don’t bestow and brand on you, we develop it with you.

Tying Visuals to The Verbal

Once we’re speaking the language of your brand, we focus on development of visual cues to enhance the messaging. We establish a set of brand colors, typography and style of imagery that will be used consistently across all media and mediums – be it brochures, ad campaigns, corporate websites, videos etc. This is your visual and verbal brand platform.

Identifying Your Identity

A company’s logo is the single most important piece of their visual brand. It establishes the corporate color scheme, reveals the brand personality, and positions the company in the marketplace. It’s our goal is to capture the essence of a company with its logo.